The Smilestones Teeth Cleaning Game

Brush away all the germs that appear to keep the teeth healthy and clean. If you don’t, the teeth will go yellow, yuck!

Smilestones screenshot

Dental Defenders

User your avatar to brush, floss, and look for cavities. The more you do, the higher your score.

Dental Defenders screenshot

Dental Damage

Scrape, freeze, floss, drill, polish, and fluoridate the gums of reluctant and fearful patients. Feel the stress of a dentist while you blast away tooth decay.

Dental Damage screenshot

Glenn Martin DDS (Nickelodeon) Dental Adventure

Read your patient’s chart and x-rays to find out what you need to do. Use the mirror to search the patient’s mouth for problems. Drill, fill, and scrape in mouths around the country. Don’t forget the Novacain! (Note, you’ll need to sign in to Shockwave.)

Glenn Martin DDS screenshot